Thursday, 30 November 2006

I Have Something In Common With Shostakovich

I heard yesterday on the radio that Shostakovich used to send himself postcards to test the postal service. I too did this recently as I was worried the postman wasn't getting in. The main door buzzer was broken, the wires severed, you could hear people buzz, but you couldn't buzz them in, so the postman had no access unless people went downstairs and let him in. Since I am usually still earplugged and asleep when he arrives, I couldn't be the one - and most others are at work or can't be bothered. Two weeks ago, he buzzed my flat at 1pm. I went down (thankfully, I just have one flight), and he was so happy, he'd been lugging round our undelivered mail for days. Then we got the door repaired, but I didn't get mail for five days, not even junk, and I became convinced that the door wasn't really fixed, that the postman was still locked out, so I sent myself a letter. I didn't know what to write, I was shy, so I just put a blank postcard in an envelope. It arrived next day.


Kanikoski said...

Hi nmj, I am so relieved to read that intelligent people do this! I've sent postcards to myself while on holiday, to see if that rusty metal box really was for putting letters in. It's like a dirty little secret, and I never know what to write to myself.

Mo said...

Hi nmj, I've posted postcards to other people and have had them delivered back to me by mistake. Good old Royal Mail can't tell the difference between the back and the front of the card!