Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Most is cool...

One of my oldest and loveliest friends, whom I have been grumpy with in emails this eve because I slept so badly and simply hate everything today, has just told me that TSoM is 'most' backwards. That is such a fine statement it has to be blogged. He is sad just now for reasons I cannot disclose but if he were here and not in fucking Singapore, I would invite him for dinner and give him lots of wine.


Merkin said...

That is what your friends are for.

I finished the book with mixed feelings and was not sure how to review it.
Wasn't sure whether to put it here or write a pukka review on my own site (or elsewhere) or send you an email with my thoughts.
My thoughts, as a book reviewer, are not important but as a virtual friend who knows you a little may help you in your next endeavour.

That sounds crass. You know what i mean, though, as an ex-Third Eye punter would say.

Spox (as they say in Poland).

nmj said...

merkin, you have had mixed feelings since the beginning - you left a previous comment to say so... not everyone is goin to love the book, & you clearly have not... however, i do agree it is kind of crass that because you 'know me a little as a virtual friend' that you are now my writing teacher... my closest friends wouldn't presume to give me tips... see i am still in a bad mood! (and if your thoughts as a book reviewer are not important why would you want to blog them, pukka or not?)

nmj said...

...what i meant above is my closest frends wouldn't offer me writing advice unless i asked - jesus, i am not immune to advice... am in slightly better mood, my amazon jumped back up: an order a day keeps the doctor away.

Merkin said...

I remember lending a friend of mine a copy of James A Michiner's 'Alaska'.
He gave me it back after a couple of days because he couldn't handle the fact that it was faction.
It was difficult for me to understand his point of view because Michiner clearly stated which events in the book actually took place.
That was the problem I had in reading TSoM and, now, I do understand my friend's point of view.
In particular, the opinion I formed about Helen Fleeting was very different from the opinion I have of you - even though I have followed your blog for a long time.
Perhaps, if I had read the book without having had any prior knowledge it may have been better.

PS I wouldn't presume to offer anyone advice about writing (and I didn't).

Glad to see things are going well with Amazon and I remind you that I tried to buy a copy on the first day of publication.

nmj said...

Hey Merk, I guess the fact I have ME & share some of Helen Fleet's realities (Balloch, Danish step-father) has put you off. Maybe you don't like Helen? That is fine & your experience as a reader, I can't object to that. Still, for me, there is fact and there is fiction - the label 'faction' is meaningless to me. TSoM is presented as fiction, because it *is* fiction, based on my experience of life with ME. There is *tons* in my life, 1982-1998, that is not fictionalised in TSoM. Just as Helen Fleet is not me. Fiction Bitch does a good job of defending me against the faction label. I don't expect everyone to love the book or get the book, that would be incredibly naive, but I would hope that the fact that so many people have told me they have not been able to put it down is proof enough it works as a novel. Also, the way you phrased your original comment did actually suggest that you had advice to offer me re. my writing. But it is too easy to misconstrue tones of voice in comments threads & get caught up in misunderstandings. (Perhaps you don't realise it but you can seem a bit insensitive, abrasive in your comments.) But I am curious to know if you don't like Helen! And why?!

Merkin said...

Hi pal, I understand where you are coming from and appreciate that you didn't just jump down my throat!!
It may also be the case that I was 'thinking out loud' as I was posting - the same thing happened when I was looking at the draft of Prada Pixie's new book.
I wrote to her to apologise and said that in future I would email her rather than commenting about it on her blog site.
Will do the same with you, after a wee think about how to phrase my thoughts
As you know, I support what you are doing and what you have done. Simple.

The word 'review' in my post was miss-placed and occurred because a friend of mine has recently reviewed a book by AntiCant on an Amazon type site. Seeing as I had lent him the book and discussed the form of his review the word 'review' was Freudianly in my lexicon.
Next time I will put book reviewer in inverted comments to make it clearer.

Be cool.

nmj said...

thanks, merk... would be interested to know your sister's take on TSoM - a medic's p.o.v... I've had a junior doctor mention the book recently on his blog, I will link later, he thought the book 'excellent' - this is truly heartening.

Merkin said...