Monday, 9 September 2013

Alasdair Gray's wonderful mural in Hillhead Underground

Alasdair Gray's wonderful mural in Hillhead Underground (Glasgow) was unveiled a year ago, I saw it this weekend for the first time. I lived in Hillhead for almost a decade, so this mapping of Glasgow University and the  nearby streets is gorgeously moving. I can still pick out moments like jewels from many of these uni buildings (some of those moments ended up in my novel, dressed up and showing off for the narrative). It was lovely to see this artwork, but it also unsettled me a little, I think it brought back too many memories. It is hard to photograph, so big, but I loved the squirrels...

and the cats...

...and this section, the Modern Languages Building (where I first studied, and had to forsake my Honours degree for an Ordinary when I got ill) is now the Sir Alexander Stone Building (part of the School of Law, I just looked it up)...and you can just see the reading room, to the right of the library, the round building where 'the librarian was stern and wore salmon pink twin-sets. You could feel her eyes stabbing you when you scraped your chair along the ground or dropped your pen and it echoed.' (Chapter 3, The State of Me)

I liked the lucky dogs too.

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