Monday, 8 December 2008

A core

On Saturday, I saw my friend's baby for the first time - he is five weeks old - a beautiful wee button. It was emotional for me, I used to visit her in the nineties, she was bedridden with hellish M.E - I had graduated from bedridden to constant weak legs, inflamed head and the rest (intravenous vitamin C was my drug of choice). My friend's a few years younger than me, but both of us had become ill as undergraduates at Glasgow Uni, after contracting the Coxsackie B4 virus, me in early eighties, she in late. I think I met her mum at a support group, I can't remember, it's so long ago. We don't see that much of each other now - I hadn't seen her for over a year - we have different circles of friends, in different cities, but there is still a core where we understand each other perfectly. She was the first person I showed the manuscript of the book to. She was also the first person I knew with a blog.

On the way home, like a super-shattered commuter, in a kind of twilight zone, I thought of the respective hells we had been through and felt almost dazed that now there is a book and a wee infant gem.


Amy said...

I want to weep and cheer for you both. The cheering is louder x

nmj said...

Thanks, Amy. Yes, back in 1990, neither a book nor a baby would have seemed poss! I like that they happened the same year. It shows that there is some light at the end of the bastard long tunnel, even if it's a bit temperamental (the light).

Ciara said...

I am the friend! Yes, Velo-Gubbed will deny it, but she is so much prettier than her blog photo gives her credit for. She looked attractive and stylish as ever. Well done on the book, I say.


kp said...

just read this entry and it made me feel like crying also (too wrecked today though!)...reminded me so much of my friends and i, our dreams for children in spite of this illness. and seems a tiny spark of hope that things can improve to the point where these dreams are possible (although, as ever, i wonder - how did she get well enough to get to that point..?)