Friday, 18 August 2006

Fishermen Who Are Not Allowed To Fish

The fishermen in Gaza have not been allowed to fish since late June, and even when they are allowed to fish, they have to stay within a six mile radius and are shot at by Israeli gunboats if they try to go further.

No matter that the Oslo Accords agreed that the Gazan fishermen could fish out to twenty nautical miles.

Around 35 000 people in Gaza depend on the fishing industry for their survival. Imagine how it feels not being allowed to fish on your own fucking coastline.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to butt in, I just wanted to pass this on:

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nmj said...

Thanks for that, Anonymous. Yeah, the pesky illness, I try not to refer to it *too* much on my blog, prefer to do that through my book extracts. But the next time you lovely readers of mine buy online, please put some money in the ME hat. Wish I could do the same for the Gaza fishermen, guess I can do something by still NOT buying coriander from Israel...