Sunday, 24 September 2006

Actors Unable to Act

I felt so sad reading today about actors in Baghdad who can no longer act because people are too scared to venture out to the theatre. No audience means no plays. The ten theatres in Baghdad are now all closed. The cinemas are all gone. People are too afraid to go out to restaurants. Television has soared in popularity. The lack of physical safety in daily life is obviously terrifying, but so is this 'death' of culture.


Anonymous said...

Very sad. Also interesting. It's easy to get the impression from some western media that there was no artistic expression in Iraq a few years ago.

fjl said...

This is a real tragedy. Stifle minds like this and you stifle a generation.

Anna MR said...

As far as I've understood, before the war Iraq had a nasty piece of work as head of state but e.g. a reasonably thriving university life (also for women!), whereas now, all they have is an ever-worsening downward spiral of uncertainty and violence. I am not feeling particularly optimistic about future developments there either.