Friday, 15 December 2006

The Truth About Lionel's Gloves

I asked recently why Lionel Shriver wore gloves indoors and have been kindly told by John H that she has a condition which affects her circulation. I had wondered if her reason was medical, or just a quirk or fashion thing. At first, it doesn't seem a big deal having to wear gloves indoors, but I think it would be. Hands are like eyes, not windows to the soul exactly, but they are so expressive, and wearing gloves is maybe more masking than you would think - a bit like being a constant thief. But I guess she is well used to it - like any chronic medical condition, it becomes 'normal', and you work round it, leaving others to make their own truths about you.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

When I was a young girl, my mother insisted that I wear white gloves when I went out.

I hated being sequestered inside them, unable to actually make contact with anything, so I stuck them in an outside pocket of my bag for those who actually cared about such things (my mother,) and went on touching things.

Ms Melancholy said...

I agree with you about the expressiveness of hands - I have a habit of waving mine around when I talk, and I guess having to wear gloves would seriously inhibit my expressiveness. I'm glad your friend knew the reason, as I was getting quite intrigued by it. By the way, on your recommendation I have reacquainted myself with 'Kevin' and will just have to come to terms with my squeamishness as she really is the most intuitive and beautiful writer. It's about being a parent for me - my one fear is that I might have really fucked up as a mother, and I can't bear her incredible insight into that insecurity. Jeez, I am a therapist. You'd think I would've sorted this by now, wouldn't you?!

nmj said...

Heart in San Fran, I dig how your sentence ends . . . 'and went on touching things'.

Ms Melancholy, Glad you've gone back to 'Kevin' - I was intrigued by the epistolary novel approach, it seems old fashioned now, but it works so well in this instance. . . I was shaking at the end. How many books can do that? I love that you are a therapist and yet you think you've fucked up as a mother, though I am absolutely sure you haven't! You come across as being v warm and human, you are a great advert for your profession. (Oh dear, do I need a smiley here to show I'm being sincere - well, you know I am!)

Ms Melancholy said...

nmj, you are too kind... :o) (I will do the smiley for you if you are still too shy)