Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Russell & Nigella

I've had a brutal headache the last couple of days, which has kept me bedbound and housebound. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be outwardbound, I have tasks! But in the meantime does anyone else think that Russell Brand and Nigella look really quite similar?


robvantol said...

Russel Brand, whose podcast I was coincidentally listening too this morning, would look a lot like Nigella if he ate chocolate dipped strawberries in an unnecessarily over sexualised fashion.

Or if Nigella hyperventilated more at her own jokes.

Or they shared the same hairdresser.

Hope your head is better.

Or not worse.

Perhaps it's somatic revenge for dreaming you could be President of the ME Head Kicking Society ... the head kicks back!

robvantol said...

ooooops used by real name ... oh well, never mind!

That's what comes from using Google Analytics for work

That's So Pants said...


I'm trying to imagine Nigella with five day's worth of stubble. I'm sure it's doable. I loved Russell's 'On The Road' special on BBC4 last night.



NMJ said...

sorry for the one size fits all response - i just think they have similar eyes and the same kind of smile, and beautiful faces that are also quite big; and both are very watchable and seductive in small doses but annoying after a while.