Saturday, 13 September 2008


These are the colds I hate most, they don't really develop, but drag round your soul, then you think you are getting better, but next week they come back with a vengeance. Anyway, I am resting profusely for tonight's dinner.

People are getting excited about the new Sony Reader. I think I will hate it, but know it and its ilk are no doubt the future. But imagine this, no books on your shelves, just a row of electronic readers. Is that not depressing as hell?


Muhamad Lodhi said...

LOL. Somehow, I can't imagine myself with one of those Reader thingummys. The critical difference is that you've got to turn on the Reader whereas a book turns you on.

Anonymous said...

It's usually the do's we least look forward to that we most enjoy.

Hope it goes well and your cold clears up.

Btw, found you via widget.
Crystal Jigsaw x

nmj said...

you are spot on, m.

hey crystal, the cold did a magical disappearing act today but it will be back no doubt... i was lookin very much forward to dinner, not sure why you thought not! i just had to rest up for it. & it was just lovely...details later ... must sleep now.

Trixie said...

Oh that truly is depressing.

That's why I don't buy E-books. I spend enough time in front of the computer, I want paper I can to bed and read.

Anonymous said...

Technically, you'd only need the one. And maybe SD cards.

I don't see it replacing books, though. It's probably practical when travelling, just because more than once I've been forced to pick books that I can carry rather than books I want to take with me, but I can't see books not being around. We all love objects, and books, as objects, are irreplaceable, IMHO.

nmj said...

hey trixie, yes it does depress me, i can't get excited about e readers at all, even tho i understand that they may have their uses...

hey maria, yes, i realise you wouldn't have them lined up like books, it was a joke, a crap joke admittedly - though you might have more than one reader, how many books can you fit on - 160? or would you delete the books as you read them, i have no idea how it all works and i don't know what an SD card is either!