Monday, 22 September 2008


Thank God Canadian psychiatrists aren't as dim as British ones.


trousers said...

Excellent - and heartening, I hope. Having scanned through the pdf, I've saved it so I can read it through in more detail, it looks to be interesting stuff.

(This replaces the previous comment which I was trying to write which ended up being a load of utter waffle: I'll let the above suffice)

Reading the Signs said...

Thanks for this link, NMJ - it helps to be kept in touch, to hear things from other parts of the world that speak to our condition.

There is a great big brute of a spider in my bath! I don't usually mind them but today it's freaking me out - have tried three times to catch it. Somehow I feel you'll understand.

nmj said...

hey trews, you are sweet to be interested, i thought you might have had your fill of ME after the book (even though you enjoyed it).

hey signs, jesus, you have to move house, it's simple. i am shuddering in case the brute hitches a ride on your blog & finds itself up here in my bath!

trousers said...

Well the pdf appeals to me very much with my work hat on. I've just had a whole load of refresher training on overlaps and distinctions between various conditions and their impact on, relationship with -or otherwise- mental health - and this looks to be right in that kind of territory. So really, it's bound to have an interest for me.

Which is what I was struggling (and failing) to express yesterday :)