Saturday, 29 November 2008

The untold stories


Anna MR said...

Our press gave a fair amount of coverage to the one Finn injured in the attacks - a back-packer of eighteen, wounded by schrapnel in the finger. Yes, finger. Somehow the super-overloaded Mumbai hospitals had managed to operate on his finger, too (you'd think he could have been left to be dealt with in Finland, really, no?). It is, of course, a totally human thing, this immediate concern over whether there were any of "our" nationals injured, but simultaneously, in the face of the extent of the carnage wreaked upon the locals, it seems vile to worry about the finger of a Finnish teen (although I would of course be beside myself if it had been my eighteen-year-old).

I bow and curtsey in thanks, by the way, honey cyberfriend, as you have said nice things about me up there in a post. Sorry I've been so hopelessly dreadful at keeping in touch - but I'm looking forward to seeing you and Edinburgh more than I can say. Hugs from here xxx

(PS My word ver is drucenta. Dangerously close to placenta, I find.)

nmj said...

hey honey, i have so far missed the story of the shrapnelled finger, which i'm sure was mighty traumatic for the young man involved - i understand of course that the media is going to be preoccupied by the plight of the nationals of their respective countries, i just felt so sad reading this article, the suffering of the mumbai people, who hadn't been there by quirk or fate, they were there cos that is their daily lives... am so happy to see you blogging again, i was a teensy bit worried by your absence, but then i worry about everything... i will be cleaning rugs too, getting the red carpet for you - really! x

Anna MR said...

I have a feeling the BBC may not give all that many details on The Finger (it was a Finnish finger, after all), but I feel happy that at least you got the general gist of the story from me. Imagine if you hadn't known about it at all? Shocking.

Yes, I've been shiter than shite with blogging and, well, many other things (including emails) (and cleaning, truth to tell), and am really and truly sorry about making you worry (you fretting thing you), but I'm hoping it'll all be behind me now. But what-what - am I to receive red carpet treatment? Hurrah - maybe I'll be made an Honorary Scot? - something I've always rather fancied being. (I can sing "Flower of Scotland", you know. Just saying.)

To continue on the word ver thread - it is ridiaire. Surely something in French, too?

Totally lovely to be back and blabbing with you, honey xxx