Thursday, 4 February 2010

A week

What a week, physio on Tue and eye hosp yesterday. And more snow. I really hate the snow by now. I want to shoot it or injure it in some way. I hope this weekend to finish reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog. It is pretentious as hell, but I am loving it. I am reading it in English, a bit too tricky for me in French. (I can read Amélie Nothomb in French, that makes me happy.) I learned that, for weeks, I have been doing a piriformis stretch which is too aggressive, I hope I have not made my back worse. My ankle has been numb for ten days, like it's been to the dentist and the injection is wearing off - I have never had anything like this before. And I am sick of NSAIDs and codeine. But my eyes are calm, well, kind of calm, not entirely calm, but calm enough and I continue to taper the drops.


Mim said...

O, poor back! I hope it calms down too.

nmj said...

Thanks, Mim, me too, it is all I bloody need!