Friday, 5 March 2010

Carol becomes Sarah

Carol Vorderman always seemed quite pleasant on Countdown so I was a little surprised that she was such a Daily Mail shrew on Question Time last night. She may be good at counting but she just came across as a bit dim. On Twitter she was being compared to Sarah Palin. Will Self was his usual withering, caustic self, completely highlighting Vorderman's lack of much intellect. She looked great though - but I'm sure there has been a little Botox.


Political Scrapbook said...

She did look great and the reading glasses were an amusing aspect of that. At her most indignant, self-righteous moments she repeatedly looked down at whatever notes she had been primed with.

This reminded me of the football commentator Clive Tyldesley, who clearly thinks of soundbites before a game and attempts to trot them out as though they aren't rehearsed.

Thanks for the link :-)

nmj said...

Hey there, Glad to have found your blog.

I switched on Question Time a few mins late last night and got Carol right in the middle of her spitting, finger-pointing tirade - made you want to reach for your earplugs. Her very funky, liberal looking reading glasses could not save her from her reactionary frothing and tutting.

go-girl said...

Who would have known she was such a right-wing harpie.

Have you read much Will Self? I love his story 'Scale' absoultely stunning piece of writing - tear streamingly funny.

nmj said...

Ha, that is a godd description, rightwing harpie.

I don't think I have read any of Will Self's fiction, though I saw him read a fair few years ago, and I like his articles... Is 'Scale' part of a collection?

go-girl said...


Yeah Scale is in the short story collection 'Grey Area' although if I were new to him I would start with 'The Quantity Theory of Insanity' collection.

He recently gave the W.G Sebald lecture at UEA - of course the lurgy prevented me from attending... Sebald is worth looking at as well. 'Rings of Saturn' is an extraordinary book.

Thanks for you blog - it's nice that someone else with ME writes and reads... more reading than writing for me lately - no excuses hey!

nmj said...

I will check Will Self out. Ha, I no longer feel as if I write, the novel totally overwhelmed me, all I do for now is my blog - what do you write, you have no profile - I'd be interested to see.

Muhamad Lodhi said...

bit tired but i must respond to this. Yes, she's good with numbers but her politics stinks! :-)

go-girl said...

What do I write? just silly short stories - not sent any anywhere yet.

Have a longer project but brain mash is getting in the way - it has a girl who has been ill since 1892 and lost (fake) Freudian case histories and letters and much other nonsense...

I don't have a blog atm because it would go 'got up, felt shit, went back to bed... got up, felt shit...' Would like to set one up when having a concentratey day.

Good to see you on the Film clip - I hope they can get it some dicent distribution - only believers will watch it if they can't get it on a mainstream TV channel.

nmj said...

I am sure your stories are not silly!

Yes, issue-driven film/fiction/art will always be followed by those who are already interested but hoooking the rest of the public, making it 'sexy' is the key... but I am just so happy that this film project is even in the offing.