Friday, 14 May 2010

1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 3 + 3 = 6...

I imagine George Osborne in a sandpit with an abacus and golden chocolate coins, playing at being Chancellor.


Stray said...

Oh - I have the exact same picture.

My problem with Gideon is that he doesn't have the abstract or the concrete understanding to be chancellor

He's insufficiently qualified to teach GCSE maths under the Tory plans. His intellectual understanding of figures isn't there.

That would be ok (they have very clever people working for them) if he had a visceral understanding of the price of the pint of milk - if he could actually conceive of the difference £5 makes to someone doing the weekly shopping for their family... but as Daddy is a billionaire I can't imagine Gideon has ever been shocked by an extra penny on semi-skimmed.

I'm hoping Gordon will pop up from the back benches and give him a grilling on his times tables and fractions.

Amy said...

Oh, don't! I still feel like I've been poked with a cattle prod every time someone on the radio says, "the Prime Minister, David Cameron...".

And Iain Duncan Smith is in charge of the DWP! And someone's just told me that the DWP are going to study the Lightning Process as a way of getting people with ME back to work (think this must've started under Labour).

Happy happy happy! Joy joy joy!

nmj said...

... George would also have the latest iPhone in his sandpit. Maybe there are Apps that help with big important chancellor decisions?

Did you know that IDS had a novel out in 2003? The reviews were not kind.

I see Chris Grayling is in there too. How is it possible that such a homophobe was not sacked?

Amy said...

Thanks for the IDS link (never thought I'd find myself typing that).

Sample review quote:

'"Duncan Smith's gift for dialogue is strictly British B movie circa 1953. ('Are you all right, Ursula?' he asked gently, laying a hand on her shoulder. 'Oh John,' she choked, 'it's awful.' "


Kate said...

Thank you for keeping me laughing, at least then I'm not crying...I'm already beginning to have the knee jerk flesh crawl reaction to Cameron's face that I used to have to Thatcher's voice.