Saturday, 21 August 2010

The future of the novel

Loved the discussion of the future of the novel on BBC Review Show last night. David Shields - his book was discussed - wants more reality in fiction, I am certainly intrigued by his book Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. The panel seemed to have mixed views about ebooks. I don't think I'll ever be a fan. I like my books made from trees. And the thought of libraries not surviving (ebooks) is just too bleak for words. Also, it has come to my attention that the asterisks have inexplicably disappeared in the Kindle edition of my book (#95 in Kindle literary fiction I just saw, next to Ovid, no doubt a brief status!), and the stranger/Helen sections are not very easy to read, publisher is looking into. If you do not have an ereader you can download Kindle for free for PC and sample the first four chapters of the novel.

* The ebook is being withdrawn until the glitches are fixed.


Mischa H said...

Hi Nasim,

I read David Shields book recently and it immediately clicked for me. It was as if he had given what I was trying to do in Sabra Zoo a name. I was moved to write to him and he graciously responded.


nmj said...

Hey Mischa, That's great! I will def get his book from library or when it is out in PB. Funny to think how my own book was once upon a time rejected because of genre, not quite one thing or another, crossover reality/fiction, and yet this is what Shields is asking of writers. BTW a friend read Sabra Zoo recently after I recommended and she loved it.