Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A tiny accordian

A week ago, I saw someone reading an ebook on the bus. An Amazon Kindle. The first time I'd seen an ereader in public. It felt odd, jarring, the moment has stayed with me. I sneaked a look at the text, it was clear, but the keys for navigating made the book look like a tiny accordian. I was going to ask the girl if she liked her Kindle but she had earphones in. I honestly can't imagine ever wanting an ereader. I am turning into George Mackay Brown.

I still don't know the fate of the Kindle version of The State of Me, if they have managed to iron out the glitches. I am hearing that there are issues with ebooks and asterisks.


trousers said...

I saw my first ereader a few weeks ago on the train. Nice object, but that's all I can say really.

I went into the British Library for the first time a couple of days ago, and saw some displays which were the binary opposite of such things: beautiful old books which were works of art in their own right, with so much care, effort and time put into them. I know which side of the fence I'm on..

Amy said...

I'm a book enthusiast and a kindle owner. I have loads of art books, some handmade artist's' books, and am passionate about the handmade/beautifully produced object.

I as horrified by the very idea of an ereader at first. But now I have one and I get to read novels and paperbacks at a font size which is good for my eyes, and save more space in my overflowing bookshelves for the kind of wonderful books which would never work on an ereader. So I'm on both sides of the fence.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy, I am on both sides as while the ereader format is not good for all types of book, it has made reading easier for me. It is lighter and easier to hold open than a book which helps the pain I get in my hands and arms. It is certainly easier on my eyes which hurt as the muscles tire and they go blurry and I can choose whether landscape or portrait, font size and style to suit my posture etc. It is annoying that you cannot just lend the book to someone else when you are done, but that is probably good for the publishing industry!

nmj said...

I can see both sides. I have real probs reading since my eye saga, they get tired and really dry with all the medication - but I still can't be tempted by an ereader. They are still so expensive too, but prices will drop.

nmj said...

I heard a fragment of a discussion on Radio 3. Someone said, 'It's not about either or. It's about both'. I liked that.