Friday, 17 June 2011

Seeing the light

I had to replace a 60 watt bulb (a real light, the incandescent kind) the other day and the choice was dazzling - halogen, energy-saving, LED - guided by a chart converting watts to lumens (lumens are the new watts). There's no equivalent to 60 watts, I was advised on 55, the nearest, and of course it's rubbish, too dark. Saving energy is all very well (I'm an expert, after all!) but I confess I yearned a little for the days where the choice was bayonet/screw-in and soft pearl/harsh prison light. And in case anyone is losing sleep wondering what the hell a lumen is, here you are, it all comes down to candles on a cake.

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Joss said...

I find with the energy saving one you have to go for the equivalent of 100 watts to get what was a 60 watt glow.

Also be careful not to break them - they contain mercury vapour - and they need to be disposed of in a seperate collection.

I send mine back to the manufacturers with no details of where it has come from.