Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Guatemalan poem

I love this gem by Guatemalan Maya Indian poet Humberto Ak'abal, translated into Scots by James Roberston. The collection is called Drum of Stone. I came across the link in the first place here. Thanks, Twisted Knickers. A fabulous wee poem.

Wee oors

In the heich oors o the nicht
stars strip aff
and douk in the rivers.

Hoolets grein for them,
the wee feathers on their heids
birse up.


Mim said...

Haired up about "Wee oors."

Hello from Boston!

nmj said...

Mim, Thanks due to you too as I linked to Twisted Knickers via you. This is what I love about internet, I find Scots translation of Guatemalan poems from American blog :)