Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Goon Show

I have honestly given up on there being a cure for ME in my lifetime - in 30 years all that the goons running the show in the UK have come up with is CBT and graded exercise (very dangerous, makes you worse) but, thankfully, we have  Norway, and now Canada and also Australia with excellent news. 

And here are some writers' favourite books of 2011, I haven't heard of all of these writers - I just skimmed the  article - but that makes it more interesting than the usual lists.


Prue said...

Goons is exactly the word to describe the idiots who have dominated UK research into M.E, or rather nebulous fatigue syndromes these last 30 years. The initiatives that are happening away from these shores are giving me some gentle encouragement. Like you, though, I do wonder whether the benefits will happen in my lifetime.

Thanks for putting up the book list. I love recommendations. I write down what appeals and get onto my libraries website pronto and see what i can order. It's like having a free pressies, gotta love the library service...

nmj said...

Libraries are golden, they really are. And I have read good things about 'Open City' by Teju Cole.