Saturday, 28 January 2012

All the fun of the fair - part one hundred

Just over three years ago, JH wrote a rather confusing and contradictory Amazon USA review of TSoM, which, of course, she is entitled to, but I understandably took issue with her saying the novel 'did more harm than good' (the book hammers home that ME is neurological, and not just 'fatigue'). When I saw a new UK review go up today I was curious  - and then most surprised - to see JH had posted the same USA review from 2008 -  though considerably more mellow than the original - 'What a shame that such a brilliant novel is so let down by poor quality medical information on M.E' - edited for the hundredth time, perhaps - on Amazon UK 2012.

Very interesting that it coincides with BBC Alba documentary (which seems to be on youtube for now, so I guess it has made its way to Australia). I mean do people usually leave three years between posting the same book review? Is she suddenly afraid that my novel is going to lead UK readers astray?

So I'm switching comments off on this post, cos I truly can't be arsed with it all, but just leaves me feeling a little sad. (And there is every chance, once JH has made her  point, that TSoM, an autobiographical novel - best read with an accompanying list of political/medical facts - or best not read at all - will have - once again - edited/removed the review by the time this  blog is posted).

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