Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Dickens, vitamin D & Prof B

Probably a jailable offence but I'm not a huge Dickens fan, I still recall having to read Martin Chuzzlewit at uni, it ruined my Easter holidays. Of course, he has great characters, the names stay in your head, Mr Pecksniff, Magwitch, Miss Havisham (and we've all had our Miss Havisham moments), but given the choice, I would not choose Dickens (though I know I am probably missing out). And I have failed spectacularly (again) to finish The Hare with Amber Eyes, meant to at weekend (started it Jan 2011). I have however started Dirt Music by Tim Winton on my Kindle. Still getting used to Kindle, and though I can now see the point, when I see someone on  the bus reading one I get annoyed, it still feels they are showing off a bit. Am at page 55 of the paperback of Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's Lorsque j'├ętais une oeuvre d'art, it reminds me of Candide, the absurdity. And I downloaded his Oscar et la dame rose onto Kindle. So I'm still primarily a reader of paper  books but am slowly nudging myself into the e-zone.

I've stopped blogging about ME for the time being but this is an interesting article about vitamin D and Scottish ill health due to lack of sun. I am going to start taking a supplement of D, I already take 1 gram of C daily.

*update Just saw this news about Prof Behan. He is to become a patron of MEA.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I just bought three Dickens novels for my Mum as she has just rediscovered a liking for his work! I have mixed feelings, i loved Old Curiosity Shop and Great Expectations but was disappointed by Tale of Two Cities and have struggled with some others. I've been basically given Bleak House as homework by my Mum!

Vitamin D is difficult in Scotland!

nmj said...

Hey Crafty, Vit D is impossible in Scotland! I've started taking supplement. I would like to read David Copperfield after Armando Ianucci's recent prog on Dickens.