Thursday, 19 April 2012

Goodbye, Penguin Book of English Verse!

This is why Kindles are good: there is no glue.

I hate throwing out my uni books, but this was getting ridiculous.


Rick White said...

[This new comment template is confusing; or, I'm a swine who hasn't commented on a friend's blog for ages!]

Hmm... where was I? Oh yeah! My uni books were hawked for beer money at the earliest opportunity! I say that with the utmost sense of shame, of course, knowing full well the wonders to be found in all the literary giants past and present. Still, I sense somehow, that most of the authors whose books I so carelessly traded for drink and a generally good time would nod approvingly from their heavenly heights. The ones I liked, anyway... ;-)

nmj said...

Hey Rick, You did wisely to get the beer money when you could, I would not have even got a glass of water for the poetry anthology now, it was in such a state.

(Yes, new Blogger is horrible, just like FB and Twitter, constantly changing, making things worse - not better - but if you don't adapt they end up forcing it on you, or killing you. ;)