Tuesday, 26 June 2012


I recently read a Ray Bradbury short story, 'The Veldt', from The Illustrated Man, first published in 1951, and I was blown away, it felt so modern - and creepy - and I wished I'd read him before now (I've only read the essays Zen in the Art of Writing). Then I remembered that in The State of Me, Helen admires a 'A Flock of Ravens': 'I just read a short story by Ray Bradbury, it's called 'A Flock of Ravens', I really liked the tone, the hysteria. The man who sold it to me couldn't bend his arms properly.'

So I realised I must have read it too (my book is a  handy aide-memoire). 

I very much like this recent Goodreads review of the novel. And enjoyed this Jenny Diski article on writing, or not writing, via Fictionbitch. (Also, in order to write you need to read. But you should never force yourself to read a book for pleasure, there is a time for every book to be read.)

I've been dipping into Bord de Mer by VĂ©ronique Olmi, a French novella I read of here. The language is simple and not too taxing. And I've finally started An Exploding Case of Mangoes by Mohammed Hanif, I've had a secondhand copy on my shelves forever.

I've had a crappy cold that's recycling itself - and a racking cough - I got antibiotics yesterday, it was getting ridiculous - and have woken up more than once feeling horribly ill, more from ME than anything, that horrible weakness-nausea in the very core of your muscles, and you think: Fuck, please go away, and thank your lucky stars you are no longer like this *all* the time, confined to bed, as some poor people are.

Which brings me to Dr Betty Dowsett, I was greatly saddened to read about her passing, aged ninety-one, a true champion of people with ME. She worked alongside Dr Melvin Ramsay. (I was diagnosed By Dr Behan in 1984 according to Ramsay definition of ME, but  did not, of course, know that at the time as it was the only definition, before all the nonsense and watering down.)

*I just saw this, neuro-immune model of ME, from PubMed, June 2012.


Alison said...

"There is a time for every book to be read" How lovely. And I funnily enough just what I needed to hear :)

nmj said...

I am glad this is what you needed to hear, it can be overwhelming when you think of everything still to be read on your shelves, and that does not include Kindle!