Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I loved Halloween as a child. We'd get dressed up and go round the doors, we called it 'guising'. We'd come back with polythene bags full of apples and oranges and swedgers (sweets) and nuts, and if we were lucky,  a coin or two. We'd keep the bags under our beds 'til the apples started to rot. I remember going to a neighbour's house with my brothers and the grandad was there, our chemistry teacher, and I sang 'The Happy Wanderer', (we called  it 'A Knapsack on my Back'). I still blush, I was/am such a crap singer. And I didn't know then it was religious (God is in the last line, don't think we ever got that far).

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Will said...

My dad used to sing a parody version of the Happy Wanderer (with no last line, weirdly). I hear it every time someone tries to sing the proper version.