Sunday, 21 October 2012

Lovely jubbly, real science not pretend

From Invest in ME Journal,  volume 6, issue 1, June 2012, pg 28:

A lovely list of findings, this the first:

“Our research and that of others working in collaboration with us has shown conclusively that post-viral fatigue state, i.e. myalgic encephalomyelitis, has an undisputed organic basis….We were also able to show by looking at receptors on lymphocytes i.e. markers on white blood cells, that there was an increased association of patients with the disease with one particular type of marker. This type of marker is usually found in patients with immunological abnormalities of a particular type. We furthermore were able to demonstrate that there was impaired regulation of the immune system in patients with the disease, both in the acute and chronic stage...we did this serially on several occasions and the abnormality persisted. The abnormality was...of the sort that is found with persistent virus infection. A number of other subtle but definite immunological abnormalities were found and described that…are of the type found in association with disorganised immunoregulation. This meeting at Cambridge showed that using…advanced immunological tests…that patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis had definite proven abnormalities of a specific type” (Dr - later, Professor  Peter Behan - consultant neurologist. Symposium on ME, Cambridge, September 1983).

This of note as I was diagnosed by Dr Behan in 1983/84, long before Simon Wessely had started his absurd campaign of denial.

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