Thursday, 14 February 2013

Rickshaws and dizziness

I just love these rickshaws, though I haven't read the whole article. And I get pangs when I read about Karachi Literature Festival, I want to be there! If I could have the damned vaccinations, I could just go everywhere in one of those gorgeous rickshaws. And if I lived near Newcastle I would definitely take part in this research: Professor Julia Newton's looking at orthostatic intolerance and also cognitive impairment. Not being  able to stand for long is one of my worst symptoms, one of my most frequent phrases being, I need to sit down.

* A roundup of the Karachi Lit Fest, it all looks fab (except for Gorgeous George; it peeves me even more that he was there and I can't bloody go). Interesting short clip: Ameena Saiyid, Managing Director of OUP-Pakistan: 'You can't really separate literature from politics'

**Just had lovely email from a Canadian reader who 'thoroughly enjoyed' The State of Me. She is involved in research at the Complex Chronic Diseases Clinic. Her doctor is one of the signatories to the Open Medicine Institute initiative.  There are, undeniably, fabulous minds all over the world firmly engaged in getting to the bottom of this illness that stops me from having vaccinations and going to where half of me is from. This is science, the opposite of nonsense (non-science) that gets knighthoods and medals (see ME Association's response to PACE trial's claims of 'recovery').

***And a very informative post on the background to the Karachi Literary Festival  from writer Bina Shah.


Danni said...

Thanks for this. I read about the research a while ago while I was in full blown relapse and though I live just a couple of miles from the place it's based thought I'd be too ill to take part.

I'm improving now though so I'm hoping to be able to do it. Upright is my enemy (to the point where I can't even sit upright- I use a tilt in space wheelchair and it's the only reason I'm not completely bedbound at my best times) and my cognitive functioning is definitely worse the more upright I am, so it'll be interesting.

Those rickshaws are awesome. I want one :)

nmj said...

Hey Danni, Sorry you are so severely ill. I have a friend with severe ME/POTS who can hardly sit up for more than a few minutes at a time. Would be great if more severe and very severe people could take part in research, we will get more of a picture of classic ME and not just CFS. (I see this research is using Fukuda criteria, but hopefully the research will yield results that help all of us.)