Thursday, 8 August 2013

In love with Robert Hass

I hurt my fucking back - again - this time taking laundry from the basket (the tiniest 'wrong' move can fell you, but you can't avoid it as you don't know what it is 'til too late), so I spent last night eating Solpadol 30/500 and reading Robert Hass. I have fallen for him bigtime, his poetry is splendid and I can't believe I had not heard of him before. He reminds me a little of Lydia Davis, another writer I recently discovered (and love).

'It is good to sit down to birthday cake
with children, who think it is the entire point
of life and who, therefore, respect each detail
of the ceremony... '
Robert Hass,  'September Notebook: Stories'


And I can't resist this new review of The State of Me. Always pleased when a reader comments on the writing as well as the (hugely important) message about the illness.

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