Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Sliding down Mt Everest

This is utterly gorgeous footage of the Himalayas. Made me think of both my dad and my stepdad. In the seventies, we visited Murree Hill Station - in the Himalayan foothills -  with my dad's family in Pakistan, after his death. And a couple of years ago, my step dad had taken to telling us that he had climbed Mount Everest in a day and slid all the way down. He was very well travelled, but we are sure this didn't happen. We got used to his false memories and stopped contradicting him, it was more gentle just to listen.


Kim Ayres said...

Thanks for the link to the footage - absolutely stunning.

As a kid, on the rare occasions when it snowed, we would grab a thick plastic bad to use as a sledge and slide down any hill we could find - which probably wouldn't have been much more than about 20 metres long. However, in our heads we'd be sliding down Everest.

My condolences for the recent loss of your stepfather

nmj said...

Thanks for this, Kim.