Sunday, 21 June 2015

The longest day

Today is the longest day and also Father's Day - the first one without my beloved stepdad. I can hear his lovely voice. I think of the hours I spent with him showing him pictures of Ilulissat on the iPad. He couldn't grasp how they got there, he thought I had done it, I'd explain, it's the internet and he'd say I didn't know the internet was interested in Greenland.

Since he left, I wear his Harris tweed jacket when I'm cold or missing him, it feels like he's hugging me. Today, I miss him and feel cold, it's freezing, June in Scotland usually is. So the Harris tweed is doubly needed, and I feel like a student in eighties again, when we'd wear  mansized - usually, our boyfriends' - clothes.

An orange poppy bloomed this morning, of course I see it is a sign that he's here.

And below some gorgeous wee pink wildflowers that I rescued before my mother, who was visiting, mowed away.

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