Sunday, 20 September 2015

Two papers and two films

I very much enjoyed this paper by Rose Richards: Writing the Othered Self: Autoethnography and the Problem of Objectification in Writing About Illness and Disability - she writes from the point of view of someone who has had a kidney transplant and notes that there are not many narratives around her particular illness. I found lots  resonated, although the paper refers to non-fiction/academic writing.

Also, a recent USA report via ME Research UK  is well worth a look, I have not read the whole report, it's very long, but the key arguments about ME are there. I've quoted a short paragraph via a tweet.

And I recommend two films I saw on DVD this month - both, by chance, about actors rehearsing for a play, and the lines they rehearse echoing real life. Cycling with Molière (in French with Fabrice Luchini whom I adore) is lighthearted and funny, though slight. Still, I probably enjoyed it more than the somewhat pretentious though clever Clouds of Sils Maria (with Juliette Binoche, but in English). We studied  Molière's  L'Avare  at university all those years ago and I recall the mirth like yesterday.


Rose Richards said...

Goodness, thanks so much for mentioning my article! I'm glad it resonated! It's hard when there isn't really a vocabulary or satisfying narrative for one's experience!

Alison Summers said...

Interesting paper abstract. I keep finding it difficult to be author, researcher and inside (imaginatively) the head of someone with dementia.

nmj said...

Hey, Rose, I really did enjoy your article, apart from the fact it resonated, I liked that it is so clearly written, I often find academic articles quite hard to penetrate, I can't understand what is being said! I will be sure to read your piece again, so much I wanted to quote from it. Thank you for writing it, I learned.

Hey, Alison, Is def worth downloading the whole paper, you can do so for free. Think you would enjoy the references to writing and 'othering'.

Rose Richards said...

NMJ, that is exactly what I wanted the article to achieve. I wanted to make it accessible to people reading for different reasons beyond the theoretical. Maybe explore autoethnography if you aren't already familiar with it. You might find something really powerful.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I really enjoyed Cycling with Moliere when I saw it a vouple of years ago.