Monday, 28 March 2016

Tiny joys

The world seems abominable at the moment, but I smiled this Easter weekend. I saw two rainbows yesterday, one in the afternoon, a portion, stubby and thick, and one in the evening, a thin huge arc. And today a goldfinch as high on a tree as you can be; starlings that could be female blackbirds until you get close, a chaffinch singing its heart out and two princely beautiful male eider ducks. The world seemed almost bearable again. By the way, a broken rainbow is called a watergaw in Scots.


Sabine said...

Good to read that.
BTW I have been meaning to tell you that I read (and could not put down) The State of Me earlier this year. In fact I read it during my two rounds of monoclonal antibody therapy treatment (which is supposedly going to do wonders eventually for, or rather, against this autoimmune disease that has made too itself comfortable in my life.) I know, never compare diseases, but it was a strangely comforting read. Thank you.

nmj said...

Thank you, Sabine, for your comments about the novel, so glad you enjoyed. I think we are comforted by what is familiar. Hope your recent antibody therapy has helped. Have just been dipping into your very interesting blog. Will read more when rested, wrecked now, must sleep!

katieh said...

just getting to grips with your blogg. hope things are a bit more positive today. ellie away in devon.