Saturday, 19 May 2018

Millions Missing protest - Edinburgh 12 May, 2018

I got to the #millionmissing protest for the last twenty minutes, just in time to hear Carol Monaghan MP's speech. I was happy to be able to shake her hand and give her a wee brief hug afterwards. I told her she will never know the enormity of what she is doing by challenging PACE and campaigning for biomedical research. The sun was shining and it was glorious to see activism in action by a community of patients who have been wronged by the medical establishment for far too long. Heartbreakingly, the inquest of 21-year-old Merryn Crofts, who died a year ago, was held yesterday and the coroner's verdict was death caused by ME. A mental health expert stated that Merry had no psychological illness. 

I hope the core of psychiatrists with Wessely at the helm are thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Wessely, of course, has said on different occasions that he doesn't care how unpopular it makes him but the more severely ill you are with ME, the more likely there is to be a psychological element.The Wessely gang are so thick-skinned and arrogant, I doubt very much they will be touched by this verdict, they will no doubt blather on about how ME and CFS are not the same thing, and that they have always been studying CFS - though they happily conflated ME with fatigue for decades - always careful to say in the small print that ME and CFS may not be same illness. This was always their get-out clause.

Shame on all of them, for all time.

Photo from @lighthousebks of Saturday 12 May:

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