Thursday, 15 January 2009

Lies, lies and more lies

I am worn out with rage and a sense of hopelessness, reading about Gaza. The cemeteries are full, Palestinians are having to open up pre-existing graves to bury their dead (this clip is grim). And when you learn of a centre for orphans and handicapped children being bombed, you just kind of collapse inside.

But children of Gaza are somewhere still playing in a courtyard, the children are still playing.

Mark Regev, whom I watched in disbelief last week, sleekitly trying to defend the bombing of a UN building which was sheltering refugees, looks just a wee bit sheepish in this clip - the Israeli position all along has been that Hamas broke the ceasefire - Hamas say they didn't (not that they are guardians of truth, that is not what I am saying) - but he knows he's been rumbled and admits that they did not fire rockets during the ceasefire.

Oh and two of the Arab parties have been banned from standing in the forthcoming election. And are foreign journalists ever going to be allowed in to Gaza to report during this crisis?

Israel, your sense of 'democracy' is fucking shameful.

* the first clip I link to has acquired a 'pre-view' commercial for McCain's oven chips since I first posted - this is enraging, and feels slightly offensive.

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trousers said...

Good to see Regev getting a bit of a grilling and looking definitely sheepish. It shouldn't really be too much to ask for journalists to do their job properly and ask a few "awkward" questions to get through the spin and the bluster on a regular basis though.