Saturday, 17 January 2009


I have been wondering what has happened to 'The Tea Boy of Gaza,' Mahmoud, the wee boy featured in a BBC documentary I saw in 2006. I wonder if he is still alive.


Janelle said...

interesting...about the obama book. i have been asked to teach A level lit...gasp gasp. apparently they think i am capable of this. so spending this week-end trying to read Jane Eyre...and loving it! they said "you've read Jane Eyre, hey?" oh yes yes yes! i said. fuck. ok. going back to reading now. got to be done before the morning. and its a fat book with teeny weeny print...and beautiful old fashioned english...words like opprobrium, and blunderingly confessed...yum! xxx j

nmj said...

Hey, This is great news - I am in awe of your capabilities! It is so long since I read Jane Eyre, but I do remember I couldn't put it down. You should read Wide Sargassso Sea too by Jean Rhys, which develops the pre-story of 'the mad woman in attic'. x