Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Spring should be a time of lambs and nephews and tulips not bastard headaches.


Janelle said...

ah pole sana bout the headaches...aaargh...dastardly...
sending you lots of panadolly love xxx j

Rick said...

...not bastard headaches.

Sorry to hear about the headaches. I hope they're not directly related to spring (weather, allergies, etc.) and that they'll pass quickly.

I've begun to dread spring since developing an allergy to the cedar trees here a few years ago (apparently I share this affliction with most of Japan's population). I can count on at least one respiratory/sinus infection every year at this time.

The flowers and cherry blossoms are nice, though!

nmj said...

hey, i like panadolly love, whatever it is... x

hey, no, not allergies, but a sinus headache (i am prone) with a bit of ME 'skullery' thrown in, kept me awake most of night but receding, thankfully... how awful that you have to dread the cedars.

Anonymous said...

Awww panadolly love sounds wonderful, I hope it helps ease your head NMJ.


nmj said...

thanks, H - damn, i think i'm getting a cold, been sneezing all night, i need energy for nephews coming, not the best timing for a sleekit virus x.