Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dundee Uni virus study on ME/CFS

This young boy was labelled a 'school refuser' for two years until ME was eventually diagnosed. He says 'sometimes you just want to punch someone'. Very true. Lack of belief from this core of wretched medics makes you more Malcolm X than Martin Luther King. I still want to kickbox when I think of the wretches who tried to hijack the Scottish Good Practice Statement Guide. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for the way you have systematically impeded research into this fucking illness. The creative scientists and doctors who are trying to get to the bottom of ME, deserve medals, they really do. (Oh, and I'm sure if I just really really really really really really try and become in control of my symptoms rather than them being in control of me à la Chalder I will be able to join a gym and kickbox.)

A more in-depth broadcast here from BBC World Service.


Mim said...

Right on!

Yours for talking back,

nmj said...

Hey Mim, They really make you feel angry, these people... but one wonders how long they can grip onto their ridiculous masks, the evidence is growing and growing, they have to give it up soon... those of us who have the illness know beyond doubt it is caused by a virus, but we just need to remove the psychs from the equation and get on with grown up research. We will get our eureka moment!