Friday, 8 October 2010

NICE and Aricept

Delighted to see that NICE has revised its stance on prescribing Aricept for dementia patients in the early stages. This is wonderful news indeed. I used to volunteer for Alzheimer's Scotland in the nineties so am well aware of the issues. Also, now experiencing the illness closer to home, a couple of family members. Just shows how wrong NICE can be.


Cusp said...

Such wonderful news for people still in that situation. My father was part of the random trials for a drug like that..may have actually been Aricept, can't remember. Didn't help him but at least some good has come now

nmj said...

These drugs don't help everyone, Cusp, but it is vital people can *access* them just to have that chance of slowing down of death of brain function. Good for your wee dad being involved in the trials. I love that galantamine was originally found in snowdrops and daffodils. Though I think it is chemically synthesised as too expensive to extract naturally.