Saturday, 27 November 2010

Miranda & Voltaire

I don't watch I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. I can't watch the spiders, that big one that they have between shots (the camera zooms in and I freeze). And I find it undignified eating insects unless you are actually starving. I happened to glimpse the quite awful not really a doctor Gillian McKeith, in the opening episode. I believe she has been pretending to faint. I do watch Miranda, though always forget it's on. I like the all too knowing nods and winks to seventies' comedy. And she is funny. Also enjoyed, on Monday, The Essay, Radio 3, on Voltaire. I listened in the dark with my eyes shut and a cup of Earl Grey (which I stopped drinking for years, it gave me a headache, but I recently restarted and remember how much I love it). I quite often sit in the dark and silence with a cup of green or black tea, just to completely rest my senses. I never take milk (in tea or coffee) and I hate herbal tea. This episode of The Essay had extracts from Candide, one of my favourite books. I still have my well-thumbed copy from uni, 1982. It is pink with a yellow trim, faded now.


vw said...

I was on a Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here strike this year until i got drawn in by gillian mckeiths drama, just for the sheer comedy factor. My gillian mckeith energy powder has been thrown in the bin as judging by how haggered she looks i dont think its going to do me any good & tasted vile.
I too have been drinking earl grey(ran out of coffee!) Nice for a wee change x

nmj said...

Lordy, what on earth was in her energy powder? She just seems so unpleasant, I could never warm to her. She does look quite haggard, but I don't know how old she is, sixties?