Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Dear Media, No one with a brain gives a toss about the royal wedding. Cover it on the day, if you must but please stop all this nauseating foreplay, it is excruciating. And I imagine that, in deference to the cuts, the reception will be taking place in the local Scout Hall with vol-au-vents and sausage rolls. (I thought Kate and William had broken up, that is how much attention I pay to these people.)


Cusp said...

Vol-au-vents ! Sausage rolls !!

Good God what riches. None of that foreign stuff ..vov-au-vents indeed.

No dear, you surely know they'll be on an economy drive: Queenie and Kate's Mum will undoubtedly be rolling up their sleeves, donning their pinnies and spreading economy own-brand marge on slices of cheap white bread for a few curly sarnies. Mind you, if they're very careful with the pennies there may be enough left over for a Gala Pie..cut into very thin silces.

Either way I couldn't honestly give a monkey's

nmj said...

hey cusp, i don't know what a gala pie is, am i missing out?

i have been stressing over the plural of vol-au-vent, i changed it from vol-au-vents to vols-au-vent, thinking that would be the plural in French, but then worried vol-au-vents would still be plural in English. i asked lesley of peregrinations blog (see sidebar, bottom right) who has now told me that vol-au-vent is invariable in french and vol-au-vents is correct in english, thanks, lesley!

vw said...

I like a royal celebration but the endless hypothetical questions - who will be designing the dress, doing the hair, flowers, photographs all over the newspapers, i dont think it will be safe to buy a paper until the wedding is over.
I like the thought of them both being the new faces of the Iceland adverts, they sell a lot of vol au vents for under a fiver! Not sure it would be in keeping with daddies organic range though........

nmj said...

Will & Kate could do the luxury range...leave Kerry Katona and the Nolan sister to do the budget ones.