Saturday, 18 December 2010

A broken leg (not that kind)

I fell asleep on my glasses the other night. I thank my lucky stars not my everyday lovely glasses, but my spares which I use for reading in bed and which have - since summer when I sat on them - a leg sellotaped on. I feel like Mr M, an R.E teacher at school who was alcoholic and lived on a boat. His glasses were always taped up. I have had to re-attach the leg for the hundredth time - is there anything more tricky than mending a broken leg on your glasses? They cannot be properly repaired - or I would have done so, obviously. I am putting off getting new ones - they cost a small fortune when you are this myopic - getting the thinnest lenses - in the hope I will be able to wear my contacts again next year. I just have to avoid breaking a mirror on New Year's Eve as I did last year, sat on it, it was on my bed - I didn't have my glasses on - but was relieved it was not my glasses I had broken even although I had cursed myself for seven years. Later, my friend told me to spin round three times to undo the spell.


trousers said...

I've only ever helped to repair other people's glasses: haven't broken my own yet (then again, most of the time they remain snug in their case).

Hoping you avoid any further breakages!

Word ver = distaing, which sounds like poor regard for a former French president.

Cusp said...

Lots of experience in mending specs in this house. Son was always breaking his when he was small (he's been wearing specs since he was 3 weeks old) and later he used to break mine...whip them off my face and throw them :O) Do you have one of those little kits you can by with the tiny screws, tiny pliers and screwdrivers ? Used to sell in Woolies and only about £3.00 ...v. useful.

nmj said...

Trews, Snug in case is only true safe place... you are lucky to be an occasional user ;) Cusp, Yes, I have the wee screwdrivers, useful for tightening, but the plastic is actually broken, snapped, otherwise I would have had the optician repair them!

vw said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one wearing sellotaped glasses! And these are my only pair! Good job I haven't been able to get out much otherwise kids(&adults) & might point & laugh with references to jack duckworth! I would take them to get fixed at opticians but the lenses are actually so badly scratched I'm too embarrassed! Yes I must get a new pair, but so expensive! Good job I only need them for driving, which I haven't been able to do & watching tv, which I can do but in the privacy of my own home! X