Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dr Peterson's talk in Stockholm

Excellent presentation from Dr Peterson on ME, in Stockholm last month. He  talks about how CFS was the wrong name in 80s (in USA), trivialising the illness. He talks about how  post-exertional malaise, neurological and immunological abnormalities, and not 'fatigue', are at the forefront of research now (unless you are in the Wessely club in UK). He talks of the importance of definition, the importance of getting it right. 

Really excellent, I could cry.


Amy said...

I will definitely watch this when I get chance. Thanks for flagging it up x

nmj said...

I just feel joy when we are accorded 100% belief and respect. I have known since 1983 that my illness is purely physical, but Wessely and co wove a tapestry so misleading and damaging that our 'good' doctors have had to spend much valuable and energy unpicking. Maybe one day ours will just be another illness, fully believed, fully respected by EVERYONE.