Sunday, 26 February 2012

Tea for two

My mother recently made fun of my fine range of organic teabags - she's a Scottish Blend/Typhoo woman - and remarked that I must have my tea delivered by an elephant every day. This jasmine green is my current favourite, not at all bitter (some green teas are). And, last week, a friend brought me some of this Pekoe China Green, which is just exquisite, though I must get a decent strainer, I'm using a flour sieve.


Richard Lucas said...

You should, without delay, go to Dundee and visit:

Mim said...

You've inspired me to get some good green tea. I've been drinking Salada decaf green.

Cheers from South Beach

nmj said...

Mim, White tea is good too. Richard, The Dundee shop looks like a gem.