Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Hare with Amber Eyes

Finally finished The Hare with  Amber Eyes, only took 14 months - even by my standards of stopping and starting, that's a long time. I liked Iggie and Elizabeth best (the writer's great-uncle and grandmother), and the image of Anna - the loyal family servant - slipping the netsuke into her apron to keep them safe in late 1930s' Vienna is just gorgeous. Loved his frequent shifts - within a paragraph - from past to present tense to make then seem now. I had a tear in my eye on last page, in spite of my disjointed reading. A fine book indeed.

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nmj said...

Hello to Shirl, who left recent comment about The State of Me. So sorry, but I decided not to publish it as it hinted at the ending of the novel, I hope you understand! Glad you enjoyed the book and that it resonated for you. Important, however, to bear in mind that Helen Fleet is *not* me and should not be confused. The novel is semi-autobiographical and not an exact mirror. I looked on your blog for an email address, but could not find one.