Monday, 17 December 2012

Tinsel and Heated Rollers

This is the micro story I contributed to Caroline's fundraising ebook in late spring, 100 RPM. Every story had to be one hundred words or fewer:

Tinsel and Heated Rollers
They were going to Alex and Linda’s for Christmas dinner. Donna liked going to their house. It was bigger than hers and they always had coloured tinsel. Thinking about the tinsel made Donna less sad. It stopped her thinking about her mum crying last night. Her mum said 'Silent Night' always gave her hope. Her mum didn’t like coloured tinsel. She thought it was common. Alex and Linda had given her mum heated rollers for Christmas. When you plugged them in, you could smell them heating up and a red dot on the top turned black when they were ready.

Scott liked it.

And time for The Snowman, the glorious Irn Bru advert, just so gallus. These Scottish landmarks really touch you if you know them.

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