Thursday, 13 August 2015

Prof Julia Newton's excellent severe ME research; & active verbs & buffoonery

Terrific to see Julia Newton's recent research project: identifying those with severe ME in Newcastle area. 

Real science.  That might actually help people.

The buffoons are, to be sure, slowly retreating. The new BACME - those self-appointed experts - medical guidelines state that 'CFS/ME is not a mental health issue'. No shit, Sherlock! You can tell they are trying weakly to embrace the biomedical model, having, of course, previously supported the horribly flawed biopsychosocial model, but their true colours are still there - no mention of pacing, which is how people with ME fucking survive.

And still predictably promoting PACE/CBT nonsense -  psychobabble galore, it really is a hoot, active verbs and everything:

But they can't give up all their beliefs at once, can they? And who is regulating BACME? 

Perhaps being part of the ME Research Collaborative has reigned them in a  bit.


mermaid said...

Thank you for the link to the forthcoming research re those with Severe ME by Dr Julia Newton. That is truly excellent to read of, as this group have been ignored for so long. I have reposted it on my Facebook page.

Luckily for me I am not in this group, but am aware that some are so ill that they are often even cut off from taking part online with the rest of the ME community, and how hard it must be to suffer as they do.

nmj said...

I often wonder how I would have coped in my bedbound days if the psychiatric lobby/Wessely school had taken hold, it would frankly have been intolerable. Luckily, I was treated appropriately - for a neuroimmune illness - by Behan, the cons neurologist who was also a specialist in ME back in early/mid 80s. My heart goes out to these who remain very severely ill, it is simply hell for them. Science *is* thankfully progressing. Answers will be found, we just need the ever important funding in place, and criteria for actual classic ME to be heeded.

Anna Jones said...

What a refreshing read! Thank you for sharing.