Friday, 12 May 2006


Today is International ME/CFS Awareness Day, so I feel I should say something. People have to cope with terrible illnesses, but what marks this one out, is the ignorance and controversy that surrounds it - the nonsense still being peddled by the non-biomedical/psycho-social brigade that we are keeping ourselves ill because of erroneous belief systems. They are the ones with erroneous belief systems and they have without doubt added to the suffering of people who have this illness. I know of no one with ME who has made a full recovery. Most live half lives, and some continue to be bedridden after years of illness. I became ill when I was a student in France in 1983, and I continue to be ill. I don't want to get on my high horse, but if you are interested in research and truth, click on the MERGE link on the sidebar. There is also a good blog by a severely affected young Australian woman, Greenwords.


Anna MR said...

Honey, you have raised my awareness no end. If I was waged (housewives aren't) I would become a regular donor. Maybe when I return to Europe, eh. Is there anything penniless individuals stranded on Pacific Islands can do to help?

nmj said...

You are so sweet! If you want to raise awareness, you can tell everyone in Hawaii about my book and how much you love it! x

Anna MR said...

Do you know what, NMJ, I think you've edited out some of your first posts. Just call it a hunch.

(Hello and hugs, by the way. Just for some reason got the urge to delve deep into the past.)