Tuesday, 8 August 2006

Without a Fridge

I was quite enjoying the challenge of not having a fridge, but it's wearing thin now. I'm using a cool bag and feel like I'm on a constant picnic.

This is an interesting article on the attitudes of Israeli intellectuals towards the current conflict. And a Reuters photographer has been suspended for doctoring photographs of Lebanon - in one shot, he made the smoke over Beirut look blacker and thicker than it was. Why did he feel the need to do this? Was he afraid the true horror was not coming across?


Anne said...

being without a frig is much tougher than being without a washer my frig is 25 years old and this morning we had a power outage when it was on so i cringed i guzzle a lot of cold seltzer so it is very important to me. heat wave again with humidity... btw the delivery people dragged the washer and scraped up the deck in the back they must have been weaklings as the washer only weighs 150 lbs . well they did take the old one out too. Luckily it is on the first floor and the deck is only a foot high the washer is a menace .. I am fixing my bathing suit which got torn up in the gentle cycle and my son's shirt sleeves come out twisted like rope... such is life ...i grew up without a frig in france seems ludicrous now

nmj said...

. . . i know, anne, new appliances (and their delivery) often cause trauma!