Friday, 22 September 2006

Bananas & Edward St Aubyn

I don't really like bananas, but I eat them for energy. (And I always have to check the spelling of this fruit!)

Am still enjoying Mother's Milk (I don't have to skip pages, hurrah, and I'm not forcing myself to finish it), though there is little sense of the characters physically, and occasionally they appear to be no more than a collection of words and cleverness, (though I dislike writers who get bogged down in physical descriptions, I can't be bothered wading through them). The unrealistic 'adult' voices of six year old Robert and toddler Thomas are funny and touching.

I see he is on the Booker shortlist, I haven't read the others, but I'd be very happy if Edward won, quite a few Booker winners are just not that readable, let's be honest.


Anonymous said...

I like your phrasing, 'a collection of words and cleverness'. Have you read 'The curious incident of the dog in the night-time' by Mark Haddon? The character work in that is based almost entirely on the physical.

nmj said...

Hey there, I feel eternally guilty about not having yet read this Mark Haddon book, I started it but couldn't get into it, but I am v. fickle with novels, and if they don't grab me absolutely and instantly I struggle, but I may well go back . . .