Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Not Safe

I wish I'd got my driving licence before I got ill. Like most young things, I had a handful of lessons when I was sixteen then I stopped, there was no hurry, then the ME devil grabbed me in 1983, and life was never quite the same. I've had lessons since, during my more well times, but they always leave me feeling like a rag doll chewed up by an Alsation. I know that it's like riding a bike bla bla bla, and I know that people with this illness drive, but most of them would've been able to drive before, and I know that some pass their tests after getting ill, but I am not one of those. My own mother says she would report me if I was on the roads. I am not safe behind the wheel, I know I am not safe. I can only drive on country roads where there is NO other traffic. I remember one driving lesson in Ilford in 1988, smoke started to come out of the front of the car, I hadn't even noticed, until the instructor said very formally, Please leave the vehicle.


Anonymous said...

hello from Beirut x


nmj said...

Hey there, How nice to hear from you! I've been following your blog for a while now (I love your art), the Nafas Beirut project sounds great! take good care, NMJx