Friday, 21 March 2008

I believe it is snowing.



Well don't just sit there looking out your window, for pity's sake, build something.

If it's not lying on the ground, however, then you'll need to stand outside, tilt your head towards the sky, open your mouth and let the snow fall into your gob. Trust me, NMJ, I'm right about this. I know, I know...this probably seems like unbearably airy-fairy drippy-hippie joss-sticky advice, wrapped in a tie-dye t-shirt and sporting needlessly manky hair and a placard smugly encouraging folk to "Stop The War" cetra cetra. Between snow flakes, however, you can swear and curse like a foul-mouthed bastard. Works a treat. You may even find yourself crying. Result. Go go go....x

(Happy Easter, by the way.)

nmj said...

dearest pony, the snow was just a few flakes really, but it was wrong, wrong, i tell you & now i am recovering from the shock of some car advert in the guardian magazine that has a huge spider & the line, 'time for a swift exit?', i dropped the bastard magazine then slowly picked it up & gingerly checked the page number so i could AVOID it - it's 36, my lucky number squared (6 squared should be as good as it gets), so really this seems like a very bad sign. i can't forgive the guardian or those car people for featuring that creature... still, happy easter to you too, pony x

Anna MR said...

Sweetheart, we too have more snow now than at Christmas, but I'm with The Horse here, it is a blessing (if a bit late).

Try not to drive cars in it, though, with or without s*****s in them, as my BBC pages have just informed me it is the governmental suggestion to refrain from doing so.

Happy Easter, in any case (and it is rather an early Easter this year, so do forgive the planet for the snowfall), and sorry about the lack of grass seeds this year. I bought them but never got round to sending. If it's a consolation (and truly, I fail to see why it would be - it's just one of those turns of phrases one uses, I suppose) I didn't manage to sow any for myself either.

Also thinking about you with regard to the book issue. x

Caroline said...

Real snow for me.
I've built a snowman and had a snowball fight. My photos are on facebook.

It's been the best Christmas ever.

nmj said...

hey honey cyberfriend, i was just thinking about those lovely seeds you sent me last year, and the lovely bowlful of turf (so green!) that they yielded, and even though you warned me it was indoors only grass, I ended up transplanting it outside and of course it died before long - i should have listened to you! x

hey lovely caroline, i had no idea there was so much snow down south - i have not seen the news for days! wow, i should not be complaining, though we had hailstones today when we were planting sweetpeas... x

Reading the Signs said...

Yes it is - definitely snowing down south, been hailing too. Hope you had a happy Easter.


Yikes. You have surely suffered a kind of breakdown and become a mentaller, sweetheart? Giant spiders, hostile car adverts, magic numbers, faulty snow, a frothing and unforgiving vendetta waged against The Guardian, swear words, NMJ.....

I'm not so sure I've seen you so seemingly demented before. Now look here, don't be getting me wrong - I like the new mentally imbalanced you. It's just that maybe you need to see a doctor. A special doctor. A Ms Melancholy-shaped doctor, say. Hmm?

Anyhow, be that as it may, I'm reduced to feeling jealous of even your measly amounts of snow. There's been nothing here, NMJ. Never is. I find the absence of snow rather depressing. Something has gone seriously wrong somewhere (and I don't just mean in your wildly disordered head, either.)

My hooves remain crossed for you and your book. Only good things to you, as ever, funny NMJ.


Anna MR said...

Fear not, sweet NMJ - I used to fall for the "plant outdoors" thing every year while in Wales, too. It never makes it. But now I just feel more guilty about not sending the damned things. Would you like them late? There's no reason why they couldn't be sown after Easter to bring non-Paschal delight. Just say the word.

(Rabbits, incidentally, are horribly resilient to weather. A decade, maybe fifteen years or so ago, some irresponsible dorks set off a few tame rabbits in a certain wasteland in the Helsinki area. They have now become an official menace - one (till now leafy) street had to have 70 trees cut down because of rabbit damage. The city officials are talking about culling, but it'll be hard as the bouncing armies proceed to reproduce exponentially and push further and further into both the heartland of Helsinki and its suburbs. "We can't exactly start shooting them on Mannerheimintie", the exasperated officials have been quoted as saying. So Easter Bunny, I think you'll find, is safe in the snow, eyeing up some pretty-eyed cute bunny girl, no doubt.)